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Our Products

Fortimer OÜ have in assortiment:


Chilled and frozen pork (tenderloin, loin, neck fillet, etc.)


Chilled and frozen beef (tenderloin, striploin, cube roll, etc.)


Chilled and frozen lamb (tenderloin, striploin, frenched racks, legs bone in and boneless, etc.)

Chilled and frozen chicken and chicken products (grizzards, breast, tight bone in and boneless, drumsticks wings, etc.)


Chilled fish (cod  fish, red fish, white fish, tuna, salmon, hake, seabass, seabream, etc.)


Frozen fish and fish products (salmon fillet, hake fillet, white fish fillet, tuna loins, seabass gutted and fillet, seabream gutted and fillet, caviar and roe, etc.)


Seafood products (prawns, shrimps, octopus, squid, cuttlefish)


Sushi products (nori, ginger, rice, wasabi, tamago, taco, izumidai, suzuki)

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